PT300 Package Tracker

PC300 Ruggedized Enclosure


Magnet Safety WarningThe PC300 comes complete with four powerful super magnets on the back. Although these magnets make the mounting of your tracker convenient and secure, they can also be dangerous and tricky to handle. So you’ve got to use caution and heed the following warnings:

    • STRONG MAGNET FIELD: Super magnets produce a far-reaching, strong magnetic field. This field can damage sensitive objects like televisions, laptops, mobile phones, computer hard drives, credit and ATM cards, mechanical watches, heart pacemakers, and hearing aids. Keep magnets away from any devices and objects that could be damaged by strong magnetic fields.
    • STRONG ATTRACTIVE FORCE: Super magnets have a very strong attractive force. Unsafe handling could cause jamming of fingers or skin in between magnets. This may lead to contusions, even bone fractures. Use protective gloves when handling magnets.
    • BRITTLE: Super magnets are brittle. Colliding magnets could crack. Sharp splinters or other metal objects like screws could be catapulted away for several meters and injure your eyes. Take all necessary steps to avoid the collision of magnets. Wear safety glasses at all times when handling magnets. Make sure that nearby people are also protected or keep a safe distance.
    • ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY: Super magnets conduct electricity. Consequently, you have to be careful when using these near a power source or around electrical outlets. For example, if a child gets a hold of these and starts playing with them, they could place them near a power outlet and suffer from an electric shock. These magnets are definitely not toys! Make sure that children don’t play with magnets.
    • THEY’RE SMALL: Because the super magnets are so small, if they are within reach of a small child, it’s possible they could try swallowing one or more. This could cause the magnet(s) to get stuck in their throat, or farther down, with possible deadly results. Super magnets are definitely not toys! Make sure that children don’t play with magnets.

If your application of the PC300 does not require the use of the magnets, we recommend that you remove them and store them in a safe place in case  you need them later. Using the PC300 without magnets will help you avoid the necessary cautions described above.

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