PT300 Package Tracker

For Shippers Who Must Know Where Their Cargo Is and That It Is Being Handled Safely

Problems We Solve

Do you need to know where your shipment is and that it is being handled safely? Learn how Sendum can help you with your lost or damaged shipments.

Lost Shipments

Shipments are lost for two primary reasons:

  • Someone stole the cargo
  • The cargo was genuinely misplaced

Cargo theft is an international problem. Billions of dollars of cargo is stolen every year. In the global economy, raw materials are often sourced in one part of the world, products are manufactured in another, while the finished product is warehoused and consumed in yet another location. Shipments can be stolen at any point, compromising product integrity and availability.

How many times have you personally experienced flying to an exciting location and your luggage does not arrive with your flight? No one seems to have a clue where it is. Turns out, this is the exact same phenomena that effects all cargo shipments. There is no malicious intent, the shipment was just misrouted because of machine or human error.

Mishandled Shipments

Unfortunately, many shipments are mishandled. Mishandling can occur at any point in the supply chain and can potentially cost your company millions of dollars. The cargo is mishandled in a variety of ways; temperature (too hot, too cold), humidity (too much moisture or to little), shock, drop, orientation problems (was the box shipped this side up?), etc.

Take Action and Get Results

  • Have you suffered the results of your cargo being lost or damaged while in transit?
  • Did you get answers to who did it?
  • How did they lose or damage it?
  • When did it happen?

In the past, it just was not possible to know. Now you can.

With Sendum you can leverage the PT300’s real-time reporting capabilities to take corrective action as necessary, or to recover your lost goods. With the PT300, you’ll be able to know who did it, where did they do it, how did they do it, and when did they do it, enabling you to often save the cargo before it’s been mishandled. And to take corrective action in the future to ensure it doesn’t happen  again. This is all made possible by Sendum’s “Must Find” capabilities.

Sendum’s mission is to help shippers like you who must know where their cargo is and that it is being handled safely. However and wherever you ship.

Sendum’s PT300 is a package tracker that is designed to provide you with real-time GPS location, temperature readings, humidity levels, shock events and more.

Unlike traditional data loggers, the PT300 reports in-transit location and quality data in real time. However you ship, and wherever you ship. In-transit visibility and proactive quality control drive our customers.


In-Transit Visibility

You can’t have visibility if you can’t find the shipment. Sendum’s PT300 is designed for the customer with the “Must Find” requirement. Sendum’s PT300 is unique in its ability to get and report its location in places where other GPS devices cannot. Not only can the PT300 report its location in highly RF impaired environments, but it can also report the sensor data.

Multi-modal transportation is a key requirement for our customers. Sendum’s PT300 is specifically designed to report location and sensor data whether it is:

  • embedded inside a package, crate, or sea container
  • transported on an aircraft, truck, rail car, or ship, or
  • stored in a warehouse, factory or office building

Sendum’s PT300 enables transparency at a level not imagined just a few years ago. Our customers recognize that the value of this transparency, particularly as it is made available to all their stakeholders, is a key differentiator.

Proactive Quality Control

Sensor data is a critical input to quality control. To keep in control, you need early or immediate detection of any problems that may arise with your shipment or process. So you can take appropriate corrective action. Sendum’s PT300 provides you with the data that enables effective proactive quality control. In doing so, Sendum PT300’s real time in-transit visibility can help you avert expensive quality issues and support the requirements of your Quality Assurance program.

Quality and logistics team members use the PT300 to drive improvements by understanding deviation management, root cause analysis and to enable CAPA (corrective action and preventative action).

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