PT300 Package Tracker

For Shippers Who Must Know Where Their Cargo Is and That It Is Being Handled Safely

Who Buys the PT300 Package Tracker?

The PT300 is widely used by the following industry professionals:

Security Professionals

Every year, thousands of arrests are made with the PT300. Security professionals demand the highest levels of performance out of their tracking device. They don’t want to take chances. And that’s why they demand Sendum.

Tracking bad guys is a crazy business. Security professionals MUST KNOW where their high dollar assets are so they can recover them and catch the perpetrator. Consequently, the “Must Find” capabilities of the PT300 are essential. This is why Sendum’s package trackers are an integral part of a layered security response.

Shipments can be stolen at any point, compromising product integrity and availability. Security professionals therefore work hand in hand with their logistics and quality colleagues to ensure product integrity, and availability to the end customer.

Logistics Professionals

Logistics Professionals organize the storage and distribution of goods. They are responsible to ensure the right products are delivered to the right location on time. Logistics professionals are paying top dollar to have their company goods transported and stored in a safe and time efficient manner. Logistics professionals use Sendum’s PT300 for real-time monitoring to ensure route compliance, in-transit start/stops and safe cargo handling while in storage or in-transit.

The PT300, with it’s unmatched “Must Find” and real-time reporting capabilities, often enables the company to save the cargo before it goes bad. For example, the real-time warning that the temperature is about to exceed a temperature threshold enables the company to take corrective action to save the cargo before it is exposed too long.

Quality Professionals

Quality Professionals play a crucial role in their business by ensuring that products meet certain standards of quality. They also work to improve an organization’s efficiency and profitability by reducing waste.

Sendum’s PT300 provides the data to ensure product quality control throughout the entire logistical chain. Deviations in environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light and shock impact the integrity of the product and potentially expose everyone to significant risks. As companies move from quality control to quality assurance, quality professionals use the PT300 to help design and ensure on-going compliance with their quality process.

Regulatory Professionals

Regulatory Professionals use the PT300 and its data in the preparation, compilation, review, and finalization of regulatory submissions. They also use the data to monitor company progress towards fulfillment of regulatory commitments and compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs). Some Sendum customers use the data to help influence emerging regulatory requirements.


Customer Service Professionals

Customer Service Professionals use the PT300 to have in-transit visibility to handle customers calls about the status of a shipment or order quickly and efficiently. Real time alarms enable customer service to quickly get on top of an emerging situation and manage it before it becomes a crisis.

Sendum’s self service portal enables companies to offer a very low cost self service solution that provides the customer with real time in-transit visibility and to meet their own customer demands.

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