Findum Software

Sendum’s easy-to-use web based supply chain visibility platform

Powerful Real-time Supply Chain Visibility Platform

Findum is the real-time supply chain visibility platform used by Fortune 500 companies, 3PLs and carriers to track shipment location, monitor the cargo vital signs (temperature, humidity, shock, drop, orientation, pressure, etc.) and enable proactive intervention (save the cargo before it goes bad).

Findum enables customers to prevent cargo loss, lower their operating costs, improve on-time performance, and strengthen their end-customer relationships. Every year, Sendum saves customers hundreds of millions of dollars in the recovery of lost or stolen cargo and by enabling the proactive intervention of potential damage to cargo while in transit.

Findum tracks and consolidates data across ALL modes – including air, ocean, rail, and over-the-road, with both truckload and less-than-truckload (including parcel and mail) and everywhere in-between into a unified platform built for global enterprise companies.

Key Features

  • Real-time shipment location – always know where your freight is and whether it’s on-time, delayed, or ahead of schedule. Monitor dwell times and answer questions like, is my cargo on the correct carrier, vehicle or route?

  • Real-time cargo vital signs – for high dollar or time-sensitive shipments, knowing where your shipment is may not be good enough. What’s also needed is an assurance that your cargo is safe. Optional real-time sensor data can also be collected and logged during the trip. If your cargo is being mishandled, you will receive immediate notification about where, when, and exactly what is wrong – enabling you to know who did it and what happened to your cargo. That’s how you solve problems.

  • Manage by Exception – you set the rules for automated notifications for arrival and departure information, mis-routing, as well as cargo vital signs such as temperature, humidity, shock, drop, orientation, and many more.

  • Indoor Monitoring – Findum has indoor visibility technology for customers who need to know the location and vital signs of their cargo inside the warehouse, cold storage (refrigerators and freezers), cross dock, or even within your customer’s location. Answer questions like, what floor and room is my cargo in?

  • Sendum as a Service – Findum enables you to collaborate with customers, partners, law enforcement, customs, regulators, etc., giving them the visibility and real-time notifications and alerts that you determine to be appropriate

  • System Integration to your application(s) – complete integration between Findum and your TMS, WMS, CRM as well as ELD/GPS providers.

  • Optional Hardware-Free Solution – Findum is compatible with the ELD/GPS equipment you already use as well as your current smart phone applications.

  • Scientific Measurement Hardware – full support for NIST traceable scientific measurement devices and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

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