PT300 Package TrackerFor Shippers Who Must Know Where Their Cargo Is and That It Is Being Handled Safely

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Keeping Your Goods Safe & You in Control of your Goods™

Sendum's mission is to help shippers like you who must know where their cargo is and that it is being handled safely. However and wherever you ship.

PT300 Package Tracker


The state of being protected or safe from harm.

— Merriam Webster Dictionary

Sendum's PT300 is a package tracker that is designed to provide you with real-time GPS location, temperature readings, humidity levels, shock events and more. Unlike traditional data loggers, the PT300 reports in-transit location and quality data in real time enabling in-transit visibility and proactive quality control.

PT300 Labeled Diagram

The PT300 is a real-time tracking / data logger designed to keep your goods safe and you in control of your goods.


Sendum's PT300 has a complete suite of sensors designed specifically to ensure your high dollar or time sensitive cargo is being handled safely. Hover over or click an icon below to learn more about each sensor.


“Must Find"

Sendum's PT300 is designed for the customer who demands to know where their cargo is. We call this the “Must Find” requirement. In side by side comparisons with competitive devices, Sendum's PT300 is unique in its ability to get and report its location in places where other devices cannot.

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One product for air, road, rail or sea. Sendum’s PT300 is approved on dozens of airlines around the world and we are constantly adding more airlines. The amazing “Must Find” capabilities of the PT300 also mean it works inside a truck, rail car, or sea container. You no longer need one device for air and a different device for your container shipments.

One product for Air, Road, Rail, or Sea

By Plane
By Truck
TrainBy Train
By Ship

With External Battery
Inside Enclosure

Choice and Flexibility

The modular design of the PT300 enables you to have one device to track any kind of shipment on any type of transportation.

Maximum Flexibility

  • Plug-and-Play
  • Several unique combinations
  • Easily expandable

PT300 Modularity


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