Temperature ProbesExternal probes for specific applications and extended temperature ranges

Temperature Probes

Sendum offers a range of temperature probes for the PT300 Tracking System that combine high accuracy and rugged construction.

Remote Temperature Probe

Designed to monitor air, liquid, or surface temperatures, each temperature probe tip integrates a fast response sensor (thermistor or thermocouple) inside a fully potted metal housing.


  • External temperature probes allow you to monitor a far wider range of temperatures than that possible by using the standard temperature sensor on-board a PT300D Sensor or Accessory Pack.
  • External probes also you to monitor far harsher environments. For example, the PT300D hardware can be protected in a special insulated enclosure while the probe is inserted into an extreme temperature environment.
  • The ability to use external probes gives you the flexibility to meet your specific application requirements. 


  • Designed to connect into Sendum tracker hardware (model dependent, see Probe Specifications)
  • High accuracy thermistor or thermocouple sensor (model dependent)
  • Excellent thermal sensitivity and response 
  • Sturdy construction - all metal housing with a molded plastic shell
  • NIST-traceable calibration

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