PT300 Package TrackerFor Shippers Who Must Know Where Their Cargo Is and That It Is Being Handled Safely

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The PT 300 - Keeping Your Goods Safe and You in Control of your Goods™

In a world of constant communication are you frustrated by how difficult it is to keep close track of your valuable goods in transit?

Not anymore.

Sendum’s mission is to help shippers like you who must know where their cargo is and that it is being handled safely. In real-time. Yes!

  • Are you shipping high dollar or time sensitive goods?
  • Are you concerned about your valuable cargo being handled safely in terms of temperature and/or other transit conditions?
  • Perhaps you are shipping premium goods and concerned about quality?

The PT300 is specifically engineered for you.

Right now you can take control. Right now you can have real-time in-transit visibility and proactive quality control.

Sendum's PT300 is a package tracker that is designed to provide you with real-time GPS location, temperature readings, humidity levels, shock events and more. Unlike traditional dataloggers, our PT300 can report its’ location and in-transit quality data in real time however you ship and wherever you ship.

You’ll get reports from inside a container, truck, trailer, rail car, warehouse- at the airport – basically wherever your goods are - at home or around the world.